Remote Infrastructure Management

We are rapidly expanding our scope of operations in Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) space. IDC estimates that over 85% of infrastructure components can be managed from a remote location. Today most of the companies are looking at external enterprise IT service providers to reduce system downtime and staffing costs associated with managing IT infrastructure. Our highly experienced and qualified engineers extend enterprise customers the promise of higher reliability, reduced risk, and lower IT costs. Our solutions complement the entire IT infrastructure by enhancing productivity and efficiency.


Benefits associated with Outsourcing of IT Infrastructure Management:
• Improves IT infrastructure productivity & uptime.
• Significantly cuts down on costs associated with setting & scaling up infrastructure, human resource recruitment & training and manpower attrition. Helps key IT personnel to focus     on core competencies.
• Complexity and difficulty associated with operations management is transferred to service providers. Provides flexibility and enhanced ability to adapt to changing technologies.
• The experience of handling multiple clients by IT service providers helps enterprises to benefit from the Best Practices evolved in IT Infrastructure Management space.

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